Vladimir Graphite 2 all moulded Electric Glider Undamaged, complete ready to fly add Rx +battery Motor Turnigy SK3 Glider Drive 840kv Multiplex servos in wing Polo on Ailerons Mini KST's on rudder/elevator Comes with its own travel bag Buyer collects...

  • County: Eѕѕеx

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Tracker moulded 100s, with servos. Had a couple of repairs . Please phone or text 07970656026.

  • County: Leicestershire

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Scale glider in VGC. All built up. With servos but servos are old. Please phone or text 07970656026

  • County: Leicestershire

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Vettore by Glider IT for sale. This was a factory build by Glider IT. KST HV servos throughout. This is the FS layout. RTF weight is ~7kg which gives a wing loading of 75g/dm It has flown a couple of...

  • County: Oxfоrdѕhіrе

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Aeroic Schwing 88 2.2M in full carbon, wings and fuselage. KST and Kingmax servos and clean install. Standard 19mm ballast tube fitted and in excellent condition, minor crack one one side of hatch area reinforced with 3 layers of kevlar...

  • County: Greater Mаnсhеѕtеr

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Unflown new 4m Motor Glider, complete and RTF.

  • County: Hampshire

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Built up glider, with servos and air brakes very good condition please phone or text 07970656026.

  • County: Leicestershire

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As new Gremlin fitted with digital metal geared servos. Just needs Tx and battery to fly. Flown a couple of times and in an unmarked condition with a fantastic one off colour scheme. Can be picked up from Manchester or...

  • County: Cumbrіа

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Max Thrust Lightening. 1.5m electric glider Ready to fly, just add your 4 channel receiver and 3S 2200mA LiPo. Fitted with the original 4 servos, 2415-1150kV motor, 40A ESC and folding prop with vented spinner. Two piece wing, all moving...

  • County: Buсkіnghаmѕhіrе

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Carbon fuselage and one-piece wing. Servos: KST X08 x 4 AR6260 DSMX 6-Channel Carbon Fuselage Receiver. 2x small Lipo. FVK Glider DLG. Great condition-No crashes/dents/cracks. Very hard to get hold of these models. Over £250 of Radio Gear installed. £680...

  • County: Shropshire

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Volantex Phoenix 2400mm glider in good used condition. There is a small repair in the trailing edge of the starboard wing near the fuselage. This can be seen in the detailed pics at: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjA7ZKQ Collection only from the Bath Bristol...

  • County: Avоn

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Gold cloud glider built by the designer John Stevens. In good condition with servos.

  • County: Leicestershire

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The time has come to sell my RCRCM MiniVec. I’ll be sad to see this go, but i need to reduce my fleet. The glider is in very good condition. However, it was involved in a mid air with another...

  • County: Lancashire

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The time has come to sell my Aeroic Gremlin. I'll be sad to see this go, but i need to reduce my fleet. The glider is in very good condition. The previous owner landed the model on grassy/rocky ground and...

  • County: Lancashire

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Unbuilt X-Models Stingray (OD version) Sadly further downsizing my fleet of gliders due to poor health. The Stingray is a 'slight second', having a small cosmetic blemish on the outside of the fuz, this being hardly noticeable. The model is...

  • County: Hampshire

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Volantex 759-2 Phoenix V2 (PNF) EPO Composite RC Glider 2000mm (78.7"). Ready to fly, Spektrum receiver, just add LiPo. Tel: 07554 193536 - Collection only, Alconbury Cambridgeshire

  • County: Cаmbrіdgеѕhіrе

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AEROMOD PRODIJ HM 1.5M glider, a rare opportunity in obtaining this super glider, these are not made anymore and are one of the best 1.5m models out there, this is my spare bought from a flying mate but is not...

  • County: Oxfоrdѕhіrе

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This is the Alpina 3 metre glider and includes 7 digital servos which control flaps, ailerons,elevator,rudder and tow release. It is essentially a slope glide to which I have added a tow release to enable flat field glider launch by...

  • County: Stаffоrdѕhіrе

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Light moulded glider 100s span. With servos. Please phone or text 07970656026.

  • County: Leicestershire

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For sale a Krick Minimoa – wingspan is 3400mm (134ins). It was made from the kit some time ago. The original builder completed one wing (left side and the fuselage). Then the construction was taken to completion by another person....

  • County: Somerset

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Tracker moulded 100" span. Good condition. Please phone or text 07970656026

  • County: Leicestershire

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Multiplex Solius powered glider. High quality Multiplex Elapor airframe. Very good condition with new 40amp ESC. 84" (2150mm) span, 12x6 " folding prop, 3516/850 outrunner motor. Fitted with additional custom airbrakes. No crashes or damage. Comes with bags for fuselage...

  • County: Wiltshire

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West Wings Pinto in excellent condition. £40 collect or £45 postage. Any enquires please contact on my mobile: 07817 781436

  • County: Greater Mаnсhеѕtеr

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Dynaflite bird of time, in excellent £100 collect or £110 with postage. Any enquires please contact on my mobile: 07817 781436

  • County: Greater Mаnсhеѕtеr

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I recently acquired this 5-metre Club Libelle 205 from an older modeller who can no longer make it up the hills. This is a Rosenthal model with a heavy-duty fibreglass fuselage and obechi wings with a carbon fibre spar. All...

  • County: Gloucestershire

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New in Box E-Flight UMX ASK 21. COLLECTION ONLY.

  • County: Nоrth Yоrkѕhіrе

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New in Box Phoenix K8B 3.5 metre span. Complete with Derkum Modellbau FES System (Mounting Sledge, Motor, Speed Controller, Prop Driver, Prop). Requires 5S Lipo. COLLECTION ONLY.

  • County: Nоrth Yоrkѕhіrе

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A never been flown 'Night Walrus'...the only thing stopping this from being brand new, is that I fitted a nose wheel and wing tip protectors for use on our clubs concrete strip, but the plane never got to our site....

  • County: Suffоlk

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Multiphase glider 144" span. With servos. VGC. Please phone or text 07970656026

  • County: Leicestershire

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