Light moulded glider 100s span. With servos. Please phone or text 07970656026.

  • County: Leicestershire

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Windrider Bee EPP foamie wing – good condition, well built with metal geared servos (think they are Hitec), NIMH battery and spektrum 5Ch RX (which is accessible) One wing tip has been replaced with Corex as the original is at...

  • County: Bеrkѕhіrе

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Chilli 4.7 GPS Brand new and unflown with all gear installed. Details. Motor, Phasor Race 2035/2700. ESC Mezon 80 Pro and DSM esc backup with Magnetic switch all new for glider. Servos a mixture of KST 125/135's all new. RFM...

  • County: Lіnсоlnѕhіrе

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Inside F5J 2.9m beautifully built (not by me) and a joy to fly. Six servo wing wired through two MPX Green multi-pin plugs, making assembling on the field quick and easy. Fitted with the recommended Hacker A20 -22L motor with...

  • County: Gloucestershire

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Sold subject to payment. Rare Majko Fully Moulded Electric Sailplane by Karol Mrva of Czech Republic. 1,615mm Span 2 Piece Hollow Moulded Wing with Steel Joiner. Fuselage and Tail also fully moulded. A unique opportunity to own a fully moulded...

  • County: Gloucestershire

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Gold cloud glider built by the designer John Stevens. In good condition with servos.

  • County: Leicestershire

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Built from plan this is a 80inch wingspan glider. Just add your receiver and fly. Motor, esc not sure off specs with out taking spinner, cowl off but more then enough power to launch this glider skywards, I use a...

  • County: Sоuth Yоrkѕhіrе

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Reichard Sirius 3m for sale, super condition, all servos fitted, mvvs glider motor and esc. Will run on 3 or 4s lipo. Fuz is glass fibre and wings foam core balsa skinned. Asking £325 ono Collection from SR5 Sunderland preferred...

  • County: Tуnе & Wear

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Built up glider, with servos and air brakes very good condition please phone or text 07970656026.

  • County: Leicestershire

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Bought this last year but I've not done anything with it yet so its up for sale Paritech ASW20 1:4 Scale ASW20 (ASW19 with optional flaps added by Paritech) 3.85M span 6.5kg KST HV servos for elevator and ailerons Bluebird...

  • County: Derbyshire

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Gremlin in as new condition, only flown twice. Wing servo's are Turnigy digital metal geared and installed on frames. Comes with 2.6Ah 2 cell LiFe battery and full ballast. Just needs Rx to fly! Can be collected from Sale Manchester...

  • County: Chеѕhіrе

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RCRCM Sunbird 1.5m slope soarer in yellow and black livery. Savox servos and Eneloop Rx pack. Also comes with Turnigy rucksack style glider bag for easy transportation and the original ballast tube. Glider is in factory fresh condition, with no...

  • County: Hampshire

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Pulsar 4m. With 6 servo's. No motor or ESC. Vgc. Please phone or y 07970656026.

  • County: Leicestershire

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4 slope soarers with servo's,. Please phone or text 07970656026

  • County: Leicestershire

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