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Eflite habu 32 80mm edf jet Composite fuselage Has a freewing 9blade fan and 100a esc fitted which sounds and performs much better than the original power system. Electric retracts but nose unit isn’t working so the nose retract unit...

  • County: Wеѕt Midlands

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Futaba T8J Tx, very little use, good condition. No battery. £100 collect from NE Derbyshire, £110 posted to UK.

  • County: Derbyshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 8 views / New


Saito 80 in top condition, removed from an airframe, oiled and stored for a year. Cant see me using it anytime soon so up for sale. very light use. 07855422551

  • County: Wеѕt Midlands

 Engines & Exhausts / 10 views / New


As new align helicopter. Starter complete with overlander 2200 mah lipo only had a few starts as new selling as gone all electric models

  • County: Mеrѕеуѕіdе

 Helicopter Accessories & Spares / 44 views / New


Vladimir Graphite 2 all moulded Electric Glider Undamaged, complete ready to fly add Rx +battery Motor Turnigy SK3 Glider Drive 840kv Multiplex servos in wing Polo on Ailerons Mini KST's on rudder/elevator Comes with its own travel bag Buyer collects...

  • County: Eѕѕеx

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3 gyros for sale. 2 new £50 each 1 used £40 Price includes posting

  • County: Hampshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 17 views / New

OCA - 260 4-6 cell Lipo sbec Price includes posting

  • County: Hampshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 11 views / New


14 channel HV SBUS 2 Price includes posting

  • County: Hampshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 22 views / New Sold


As new FMS asw 17 foam glider, 2600 wing span, hi Vis extra decals added, runs on 4 s, electric, no crashes or dents, only 6 flights on it.

  • County: Stаffоrdѕhіrе

 Airframes & Kits / 53 views / New


Futaba receiver Price includes posting

  • County: Hampshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 24 views / New


Multiplex new servo Price includes posting

  • County: Hampshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 7 views / New


Jeti CB 200, surplus to requirements.

  • County: Wiltshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 24 views / New


I have the Hangar 9 Spitfire 60 with single servo retracts. Trying to bend one of the retracts back into shape the shaft sheared. Could do with replacing both retracts if anybody has spares for sale.

  • County: Wеѕt Yorkshire

 Wanted / 7 views / New

This is an all-stainless steel front exit canister and manifold. It is very dented, see pics, that's how I bought it! The last 1/4 inch of the manifold has been sawn off at some stage and is not an issue....

  • County: Hеrtfоrdѕhіrе

 Engines & Exhausts / 30 views / New


Parkzone P51 Mustang. Approximately 1 metre wing span, 3 channel (aileron, elevator and throttle), comes with factory fitted servos, a lemon receiver and uprated lipo esc. Just add a 3s 2200 Lipo to fly. Collection from Twickenham

  • County: Grеаtеr Lоndоn

 Airframes & Kits / 16 views / New


I have the following complete years ranging from good to excellent condition... 2014,2015,2016,2018,2019,2020,2021,2017 is missing the April edition. Please note I am selling the magazines as a job lot and will not split. I am happy to box up but...

  • County: Nоttіnghаmѕhіrе

 Miscellaneous / 26 views / New


I have the following batteries available: 3 x Nano-Tech 6S 4500 maH 25-50C Discharge £25.00 each or 3 for £60.00 collected *** ALL SOLD 3 x Turnigy 4S 1400 maH 20-72C Discharge 3 for £12.50 collected or post at cost...

  • County: Cаmbrіdgеѕhіrе

 Accessories / 69 views / New


Microprocessor controlled Quick Charger Discharger Capacity Tester Battery Conditioner for NiCd, NiMH batteries Lead Acid batteries Lithium Manganoxid batteries LiIon and LiPo batteries £15.00 collected or post at cost.

  • County: Cаmbrіdgеѕhіrе

 Accessories / 34 views / New


AC mains or 13V DC input. Chargers up to 6S, charge rate 0.1A to 6A Discharge rate 0.1A to 2A Charges LiPo, LiLon, LiFe batteries NiCd/NiMH Pb 2-20V £20.00 collected. Will post at cost

  • County: Cаmbrіdgеѕhіrе

 Accessories / 32 views / New


Dual Output Charger 12V DC or Mains Operation. Features include: * Balancing cells * Various types of Lithium Batteries - LiPo, LiLon and LiFe * Cyclic charging/discharging * Re-Peak Mode for NiMH/NiCD battery * Data Store/Load * Terminal voltage control...

  • County: Cаmbrіdgеѕhіrе

 Accessories / 56 views / New Sold


Dle 30cc engine starts and runs well £115.00 inc post and packing by Royal Mail call Harry 07816890136.

  • County: Chеѕhіrе

 Engines & Exhausts / 40 views / New


4 x brand new Rcexl heavy duty switches. £25 for the lot, posted.

  • County: Suffоlk

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 99 views / New


Candoo built from a plan ESC ;Hobbywing Platinum 60 amp super bec 4 amp / 5-6volt. Motor : propdrive 28-36 2700kv This is in very good condition and flies very well Collection only

  • County: Northamptonshire

 Airframes & Kits / 188 views / New Popular


Totally hollow model ,very light construction and so flies very well on 2200 lipo. Only flown a couple of times and so in as new condition. Motor ; pulsar C5066 1300 kv / 200 w. ESC ; pulsar 40 amp...

  • County: Northamptonshire

 Airframes & Kits / 596 views / New Popular


Believed to be one of the last full catalogues that Graupner published before they went into receivership. Over 1000 pages of RC models and equipment Collection preferred but will post at buyer's expense.

  • County: Avоn

 Accessories / 15 views / New


Hitec HS-M7990TH Servo (44Kg pull). Never been used - kept as a spare which I now no longer need. £120 including postage within the mainland UK.

  • County: Surrеу

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 44 views / New



  • County: Buсkіnghаmѕhіrе

 Airframes & Kits / 577 views / New Popular


New/Undrilled Mejzlik 32x12LF Prop, still in unopened packet. £125 including postage within the mainland UK.

  • County: Surrеу

 Accessories / 50 views / New


Took this in part ex for another model, one of the best models I have flown, really flies on rails and is very stable in flight. 58 inch wingspan electric set up on four cell Lipo, all Sebart electrics excellent...

  • County: Nоttіnghаmѕhіrе

 Airframes & Kits / 459 views / New Popular


new (other) Tornado Thumper 6354/16b 200 KV very powerful electric motor. I purchased it to power a Seagull Chipmunk as a foray into electric flying. But in speaking to my club mates, have realised that the engine is too big...

  • County: Eѕѕеx

 Electric Flight Accessories / 45 views / New


AJ slick 103" plane is in Excellent condition.Only flown imac with it no 3d stuff. this plane is perfectly balanced and with fly on rails. comes with a gp 123 (still not run in yet) with custom solid mtw headers...

  • County: Wоrсеѕtеrѕhіrе

 Airframes & Kits / 46 views / New


new in box a harmon rocket 50" in

  • County: Wоrсеѕtеrѕhіrе

 Airframes & Kits / 49 views / New


Hitec Minima 6 receiver. Prefect working order, only used in a electric powered glider. Can post within UK for an additional £3.00

  • County: Derbyshire

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 8 views / New


State of the art competition F3a biplane new kit in sealed box details here

  • County: Leicestershire

 Traders Section / 88 views / New


Brand new in box, only removed for the photo.

  • County: Oxfоrdѕhіrе

 Radio Gear & Simulators / 47 views / New


An OS FS 70 in good condition, starts and runs well.

  • County: Norfolk

 Engines & Exhausts / 23 views / New


BNIB RCV 60SP. Never mounted on a stand or in an aircraft, I run.

  • County: Norfolk

 Engines & Exhausts / 49 views / New


I’m selling my jet legend due to new project It’s a very clean model never been crashed. Comes complete with jets Munt 80 turbine 11hrs on it. Was told it was built by jet legend and painted with there own...

  • County: Kent

 Turbines / 97 views / New


Model Tech ‘Magic’ converted to electric. Complete with JR 591 servos. A couple of ‘battle scars’ from competition. Excellent flyer.

  • County: Norfolk

 Airframes & Kits / 59 views / New


Only had about 6 flights this is the wooden version in superb condition flys beautifully never crashed comes with servos and powerful Overlander Thumper 4250/06 and ESC ran on 4s.3300 great performance too many planes just add RX &TX Collection...

  • County: Devon

 Airframes & Kits / 64 views / New


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